Infographic: Happy 4th Birthday Tinder!

Love me tinder
/ October 19, 2016

In September, ubiquitous dating app Tinder celebrated its fourth birthday. We’re not quite sure if its owners marked the occasion by throwing a wild party like they did when the app first became available on the App Store in 2012; but if they did, it’s quite likely that they flashed the cash, now that the company is worth $1.2 billion.

This infographic by Carvaka ( looks back on how Tinder grew from an ambitious hobby conjured by two California university students to a worldwide, billion-dollar business. Having started off with a target market of American college students, it is now used by people of all ages (well, provided that they’re over 18, as per the app’s cut-off point) in almost 200 countries all over the world. Its membership of 40 million users is more than eight times that of the entire population of Ireland, to put its global appeal into context.

It’s been mostly sunshine and roses for Tinder over the last four years, save for the dismissal of co-founder Justin Mateen after he was the subject of a sexual harassment suit and the brief deposing of business partner Sean Rad as CEO. The burning question now is what lies next for this phenomenal online dating success story. There is talk that Tinder could expand its portfolio into augmented reality and become a platform for friends to arrange meet-ups, rather than being purely a dating app. What an evolution that would be for the brand, which despite plenty of evidence to the contrary is still perceived in many quarters as being nothing more than a facilitator for fly-by-night teenage hook-ups.

Let’s take a look at the infographic below to see how Tinder has evolved since 2012, and what lies in store for one of the fastest-growing businesses of the 21st century.

tinder infographic