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Zimbabweans under siege in South Africa

Zimbabweans under siege in South Africa
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Stephen Mpofu, Perspective SOUTH Africans have declared virtual war on Zimbabweans and other undocumented foreign immigrants in that country, charging the foreigners with various acts of criminal activities and demanding that their leaders chuck out the foreigners.The aliens are accused of taking away jobs from South Africans while at the same time indulging in violent activities such as rape and theft.In recent interviews in South Africa with a representative of foreign radio station, two Zimbabweans accused their hosts of double-standards, saying that South Africans committed the same crimes as those attributed to Zimbabweans and other foreigners but went scot-free as though they were beyond the reach of their native laws.As the interviewer, himself a Zimbabwean, was busy interviewing a Zimbabwean representative of diasporans identified as Mr Sibanda and Zimbabwean, angry voices of South Africans chanting against foreigners could be heard in the background.

Mr Sibanda said South Africans were playing double standards by blaming foreigners for violent crimes while compatriots who committed the same crimes remained untouchable.He claimed that those same leaders were so inefficient that some South Africans who badly needed certain documents died without being issued the requisite papers.

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