25 Jan, 2021 10:00 am

Zimbabwe: NPA Ring-Fences Prosecutors

Prosecutors will now be housed in their own blocks of flats to curb corruption and to offer protection to those handling high-profile and sensitive cases in line with President Mnangagwa's strategy to ring-fence the teams.

In an interview, the Prosecutor General Mr Kumbirai Hodzi said the NPA was receiving overwhelming support from the President and the Government at large." Mr Hodzi said in Harare, Government has since identified a place to house those handling high profile cases." Mr Hodzi said the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has given the biggest budget to the Prosecutor General's office in the history of this country.Mr Hodzi said they had successfully recruited 300 prosecutors and other key officers with contingency measures for training them in place so they can do their job well.

The programme for prosecutorial villages starts with prosecutors in Harare before cascading to other provinces countrywide."As part of the President's strategy to ring-fence the prosecutors, they will be put in prosecutorial villages and sterilised from any communication or any potential communication from characters that are likely to compromise them," he said.

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