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Zelenskiy’s office accuses Poroshenko of fleeing treason charges – POLITICO

Zelenskiy’s office accuses Poroshenko of fleeing treason charges – POLITICO
With Russian troops massing on border, Ukraine’s current and former presidents battle each other.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office on Friday accused his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, of running away from criminal charges back home, and of engaging in self-promotion harmful to the country just as it faces the risk of a new military attack by Russia.‘The current status of the parliamentarian of Petro Poroshenko … does not give the privilege to ignore the requirements of the law and court orders,” Podolyak said.“Unfortunately, Petro Poroshenko does not say in an interview with foreign journalists that he fled from law enforcement agencies abroad for a month when he simply saw that the investigators had come to fulfill their duties and invite the ex-president to conduct legal proceedings.” He added, “Unfortunately, Petro Poroshenko simply uses foreign journalists to create pretexts for personal PR in Ukraine and to show in his media that he supposedly has a ‘good press’ and ‘a lot of things to do’ in Europe.

“Finally, the worst thing is that the method of protection chosen by Petro Poroshenko looks like a deliberate and most unjustified discrediting of the reputation of his own country in foreign political markets,” he said.But critics of Poroshenko say that his businesses profited handsomely throughout his five years in office and that he should face a full investigation.

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