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ZDF to hand over classroom blocks and clinics

ZDF to hand over classroom blocks and clinics
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Commander Zimbabwe National Army, Lieutenant General David Sigauke Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Reporter The Zimbabwe Defence Forces will this week hand over completed high value public infrastructure that includes clinics and classroom blocks as part of  its community assistance week.The ZDF undertakes a Community Assistance Week prior to the main ZDF Day celebrations held in August of each year.The spirit and purpose of the Community Assistance Week is to foster cordial civil-military relations, engender self-reliance and educate members of the society on the role of the ZDF during peacetime.Minister of defence and war veterans affairs Oppah Muchinguri will officially launch the defence community assistance week during the handover of a maternity ward at Mberengwa district hospital in the Midlands province on Friday.

“Free medical assistance will be offered at Mberengwa district hospital and Neromwe clinic in Chiredzi throughout the community assistance week,” said the army in a statement.In line with the secondary roles of the ZDF, the organisation is mandated to contribute to national economic, industrial and technological development, undertake community assistance programmes, provide support to civil ministries and parastatals as well as to fulfill international obligations and responsibilities with regard to international treaties and other states in the field of support operations, collective security, confidence and security building measures and humanitarian relief activities.

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