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Xi Jinping unanimously elected deputy to 14th NPC--China Economic Net

19 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping was elected deputy to the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) by a unanimous vote at the first session of the 14th Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress on Thursday.Under Xi's leadership, the Party organizations have enjoyed higher prestige and poverty alleviation and rural revitalization have made massive progress, while people's lives have become better and better, said Zhou Zhongyang, deputy to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress and a village Party chief.Li is also a deputy to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress.Inspired by Xi's election, deputies to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress vowed to take the lead in advancing Chinese modernization on all fronts in Jiangsu and initiate a new chapter with concrete actions.

Xi has always attached importance to developing the Grand Canal cultural belt."As a Yangzhou native who grew up by the Grand Canal, I shoulder greater responsibility to carry forward the history and culture of the Grand Canal, protect the water, and make the Grand Canal green and vibrant," Li said.

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