18 Sep, 2020 02:15 am

Would you get $1,200 or more? We count it up

If a new round of direct payments gets sent out this year, here's how much you and your family could get.

Angela Lang/CNET p If second stimulus check is approved by legislation or executive action this year, your family could actually see more money than in the first round, thanks to a potential change to qualifications  that includes  your dependents .Keep reading for common scenarios and try  CNET's stimulus check calculator  for an estimate.We lay out some potential scenarios below, based on our  stimulus check calculator , which you can also use to get a more specific estimate for your particular situation.While there's no official plan yet, it's likely that receiving this second stimulus check would work much like it did the first time around.

Looking for more stimulus check information?If you're still waiting for your first stimulus check , here are  10 possible reasons for a delay ,  what you can do if you think your payment was lost or has fallen through the cracks and if you could receive two refund checks from the IRS .

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