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World watches US chaos with shock, dismay and some ridicule

World watches US chaos with shock, dismay and some ridicule
Several countries, both allies and antagonists of America, issued travel warnings to their citizens.

-backed opposition efforts to oust him despite accusations of human rights abuses, civil unrest and a humanitarian crisis that has forced millions to flee the oil-rich country.of hypocrisy in its efforts to promote democracy and advocate for human rights overseas.criticism over violations of human rights and democratic values, jumped on the chaos as proof of American hypocrisy.President Donald Trump supporters, at the foreign exchange dealing room of the KEB Hana Bank headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Jan.

In Germany, whose modern system of governance was nurtured by successive American administrations, Chancellor Angela Merkel was unusually blunt Thursday, drawing a direct line from President Donald Trump's refusal to concede his election defeat to the atmosphere that made the storming of the U.Backroom deals are common to avoid political paralysis, and democratic ideals have been tainted by an entrenched system of patronage through which state jobs are doled out in exchange for support.

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