World Socialist Web Site 03 Apr, 2021 04:15 am

Workers and scientists in Germany demand “general strike” and “strict lockdown”

Workers and scientists in Germany demand “general strike” and “strict lockdown”
Millions of workers, scientists and medical professionals have reacted with horror and anger to the decision to keep schools and workplaces open despite exploding case numbers.

Professor Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), reported on Friday increasing infection figures in day care centers and at the workplace and warned of 100,000 new infections per day if current resolutions go unchanged.” The last time this occurred was “last spring,” when schools, day care centers and businesses were also closed.By closing businesses, schools and day care centers in this way, “we would have our own strict lockdown’.Teachers, educators and workers spoke to the WSWS about the prospect of a European-wide general strike in the fight for a real shutdown of schools, day care centres and businesses.

“When I follow up on the positive tests of the last few weeks, it’s almost consistently day care centres, schools, on the job.There’s no need to prove that you are in need of an ‘emergency care’ offer; similar reports are coming in from other states from day care workers and teachers.

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