news.com.au 23 Nov, 2021 22:30 am

Woodside’s Scarborough gas project gets green light

Woodside’s Scarborough gas project gets green light
The Greens and environmental groups are outraged a massive gas project off Western Australia has been approved and have vowed to fight it.

Scarborough is set to be the biggest oil and gas development in Australia in 10 years and will involve the construction of a 430km pipeline linking the gas field to the Pluto processing facility on the mainland.The oil and gas giant cited escalating costs for shelving that project – dubbed Browse – in 2013 but environmentalists claimed victory.“If Woodside, BHP, and their investors think the community will stand idly by while they detonate the biggest oil and gas carbon bomb currently proposed in Australia, they are sorely mistaken.“We like petroleum as a commodity and we see strong medium-term demand for oil and gas through the energy transition, at least for the next decade and likely beyond.

“We believe … a merger with a dedicated oil and gas producer is the best option to create value for shareholders.Environmentalists are ‘horrified’ a massive gas project that could damage Indigenous artefacts and produce epic amounts of carbon emissions has been approved.

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