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Women neglect 24-month breastfeeding requirement

Women neglect 24-month breastfeeding requirement
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A Bulawayo-based paediatrician, Dr Wedu Ndebele said breast milk is the best food for any infant.Breast milk is the best food for any infant, it is cheap, convenient and it comes in the right temperature for a child,” said Dr Ndebele.“Women that get pregnant while breastfeeding should not stop but continue breastfeeding the child so that it is not deprived of all the nutrients found in breast milk.” “This is because all my children by that time would have grown and no longer dependent on breast milk but on other food such as porridge and sadza,” said Mrs Dube.

Exclusive breastfeeding entails feeding of infants 0-6months with breast milk only, no water or food except for medication prescribed by the doctor as breast milk has water and nutrients needed,” she said.He said a breastfed child has a strong immune system, high intelligence quotient and is less exposed to diseases such as diarrhoea and malnutrition.

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