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Woman survives terrifying shark attack

Woman survives terrifying shark attack
Video on Twitter has 2.3 million views and is captioned

The old video was shared by a Twitter account "Wow Terrifying" which shows diver Ramsey backing off just a moment before a shark opens her mouth and approaches to capture her, close to touching her flippers before going back into the sea.This video was first shared by the diver Ramsey on her Instagram account.The caption on her post said that they love Tiger shark Queen Nikki's enthusiasm to greet @oceanramsey, adding that "Ocean reading an approach quickly and accurately knowing when to respectfully back up".The shark is considered one of the largest sea creatures with 14 feet in length and a weight of 635kgs and is called the tiger shark.

Sunday Mar 19, 2023 A mighty shark can be seen in this collage of screengrabs taken from the video.— Twitter/WowTerrifying A video went viral on social media in which a woman diver named Ocean Ramsey avoided a narrow escape from being captured by a mighty shark.

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