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Woman fatally mauled by her five Czechoslovakian wolfdogs

Woman fatally mauled by her five Czechoslovakian wolfdogs
“It is a man-made invention —one of the worst breeds created," one former wolfdog owner said

A controversy over the safety of owning Czechoslovakian wolfdogs is afoot following the fatal mauling of a 74-year-old Italian woman, who was reportedly killed by her five dogs.Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are a mix between Alsatians and Carpathian wolves.Pet site Pet Helpful writes that some wolfdog owners find the breed is docile, while others concur with Ronadalino that they are very difficult to train.They’re also said to be highly intelligent, but difficult to train.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog (Shutterstock) The victim’s daughter and local authorities said the five wolfdogs — named Ares, Aylen, Artù, Aragorn and Apache — had not showed signs of aggression prior to Zaffino’s death.The American Kennel Club calls the Czechoslovakian wolfdog “highly intelligent, powerful, active, loyal and devoted to it’s owner,” but warns it is not a good choice for first-time dog owners.

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