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Woman carrying twins gets pregnant again

Woman carrying twins gets pregnant again
A women got pregnant again a week after conceiving twins, and will now give birth to triplets - though one of them is gestationally about 10 days younger than the siblings.

While ovulation is normally impeded during human pregnancy, there’s a little window of time between fertilization and the body’s response, and during that time another sperm can sneak in and unite with an egg.There’s a window of time during which another ovulation and sperm can sneak in and unite before hormones and a mucus plug make it impossible.“I just happen to hyper-ovulate, and ovulate twice in a month, so that is how I got pregnant after already getting pregnant with twins,” she said in one of her videos.” one voice can be heard saying on TheBlondeBunny1′s first pregnancy video, showing the moment they encountered their astonishing ultrasound.

She has chronicled the ups and downs of her pregnancy on the video platform as she, her partner and her followers revel in the miracle.Luckily, they all have the same due date, she said.

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