The Motley Fool Canada fool.ca 25 Jan, 2023 19:15 am

Why You Should Buy This TSX Stock Deal (Before Everyone Else Does)

Why You Should Buy This TSX Stock Deal (Before Everyone Else Does)
This top-notch TSX stock is the perfect long-term investment and offers Canadians a compelling deal, making it a top stock to buy right now.

Residential real estate is well known to be one of the most attractive industries to invest in, considering how defensive it is in addition to the long-term growth potential that it offers.With interest rates rising rapidly over the last year and another increase again today, there is certainly some concern about the debt on the balance sheets of real estate stocks.That not only shows how impressive and consistent its growth is, but it also reminds us what a reliable investment this well-diversified residential real estate stock can be.Plus, when you consider its consistent growth, it’s a top stock to buy now and hold for years.

Many companies have seen their share prices sell off significantly over the last year, giving investors the chance to buy stocks that they can hold for years.And since these best-of-the-best TSX stocks often trade with a premium, having the chance to buy them at a deal today is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

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