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Why We Need Astronauts With Disabilities

Why We Need Astronauts With Disabilities
This week, Baton Rouge native Hayley Arceneaux, 29, is poised to become the youngest American ever to go to space. Also a first is that Arceneaux is

The ESA, through its parastronaut feasibility project, hopes to find what kind of accommodations need to be made for the disabled to travel into space.due to amputation or congenital limb deficiency)”; “persons who have a leg length difference (shortened limbs at birth or as a result of trauma)”; and “persons of short stature (That disabled people might offer unique benefits to the field of human space travel is not a new idea.NASA studied them in the 1960s to prepare astronauts for space travel.” What’s flummoxing about this argument is that if humanity goes to another planet, we are destined to find new environments, new challenges, and new diseases, and the building of a new colony will likely result in at least some temporary and permanent injuries.

Although the ESA should be lauded for its ground-breaking initiative, there are still exclusionary requirements to become an astronaut with a disability: The mission is currently seeking only “persons who have a lower limb deficiency (e.He didn’t panic, though, because NASA trains its astronauts to handle scenarios with incapacitated crew members.

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