The Motley Fool fool.com 04 Aug, 2022 19:15 am

Why Fastly Stock Is Falling Today

Why Fastly Stock Is Falling Today
Fastly's second-quarter financial results fell below investors' expectations.

The company's operating expenses increased by nearly 13% from the year-ago quarter, which likely hurt Fastly's bottom line.And with these adjustments, we expect second-half operating expenses to decline as compared to the first half.With the company's losses widening and operating expenses climbing in the second quarter, some investors likely view Fastly's shares as too risky to hold on to as they brace for a potential economic slowdown.5 million, which was an increase of 21% from the year-ago quarter and surpassed analysts' average estimate of $101.

15 in the year-ago quarter and worse than Wall Street's consensus estimate of a loss of $0.Fastly beat analysts' top-line consensus estimate, but earnings fell short of Wall Street's expectations.

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