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Why do we disrespect Haiti?

The world has been ungenerous and insensitive to Haiti. We know, for a fact, that Haiti is unflatteringly besieged by legions of social and political problems, reeling from centuries-old imperial strangulation, wasting on the vine of auspicious potentialities and, in short, dying from the crushing weight of historical consequences.

Related News Pictorial: Haitians of Igbo descent visit Enugu Haiti searches for survivors after earthquake kills at least 304 Haiti's opposition, civil society distance themselves from new PM Today, a Haitian needs a visa to the Dominican Republic—two sides of the same coin nefariously butchered from one another.For a Haitian to visit the United Kingdom, he needs to apply for a UK visa in the Dominican Republic, and he needs to get a Dominican visa, first, to get in.When I applied for the position of the Honorary Consul of Haiti to Nigeria, I had to fly to Paris to visit their embassy and made concerted efforts to visit the embassy in Berlin.Even Africans from Africa cannot travel to Haiti, without needing to have a US visa or a Schengen visa to travel to Haiti.

2nd August 2022 2nd August 2022 The world has been ungenerous and insensitive to Haiti.We know that the Embassy of Haiti in Pretoria was closed down because they could not pay rent.

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