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Why Contiki encourages young Aussies to quit jobs and travel in 2022

Why Contiki encourages young Aussies to quit jobs and travel in 2022
Most companies are terrified of the apparent ‘Great Resignation’ trend coming in 2022 - but not everyone is worried about it, in fact, some companies are banking on it.

Despite there being not many Aussies planning on abandoning their jobs for travel next year, the Contiki survey did reveal more than 61 per cent of those surveyed were planning on making international travel a priority next year.Picture: iStock Australia’s international travel ban was in place for almost two years when it was dropped on November 1.In Skyscanner’s survey, 70 per cent of people said they were discouraged from international travel due to the uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic and 44 per cent of Aussies were keen to get overseas in the next 12 months.Contiki, a travel company that offers country-hopping tours across the world for 18-35 year olds, recently launched an unorthodox marketing campaign not only encouraging Aussies to quit, but one that shows them exactly how to do it.

In response to the uncertainty, Skyscanner recently launched an interactive travel map that helps travellers navigate Covid restrictions across the globe.“Travellers looking to plan their next trip and make sense of the latest rules can use Skyscanner’s interactive travel map, which uses straightforward visuals to show the current travel guidance at home and abroad, with different views depending on traveller vaccination status.

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