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Why cleaning up politics is so hard to do – POLITICO

Why cleaning up politics is so hard to do – POLITICO
The UK government is making a big mess, but a German company that could help wants nothing to do with politics.

Email  p  or on Twitter @pdallisonesque Paul Dallison is  POLITICO ‘s slot news editor.Paul Dallison is  POLITICO ‘s slot news editor.” Similar statements about Kärcher products have been made in every French presidential campaign since 2005, for which we can blame Nicolas Sarkozy, who was then the interior minister before he became president and then disgraced ex-president and who is currently under house arrest (aren’t we all under house arrest these days, apart from Boris Johnson and his mates?Take Boris Johnson, who had to take time out of his busy partying schedule to apologize for attending a party at No.

10 Downing Street — his official residence, remember — that he thought was a work event, an excuse that was accepted by (checks social media) absolutely no one.Here’s the best from our postbag (there’s no prize except for the gift of laughter, which I think we can all agree is far more valuable than cash or booze).

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