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Why Baltimore is Poised to be a Leader in EdTech

Why Baltimore is Poised to be a Leader in EdTech
Baltimore has a real opportunity to brand itself as a leader in education technology. There are a large handful of EdTech companies that are already based in Baltimore and with the real problems our city schools face, a self-awareness campaign might push even more developers to focus their products for the classroom.

” I took this quote from legendary Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla who wrote recently about the role technology can play in education.Well, if I was creating agriculture technology, I’d think the mid-west would have a leg up over Silicon Valley.For the second year in a row, I’ve heard that Greater Baltimore has the largest concentration of IT professionals than anywhere else in the US — over Silicon Valley, Boston, and NYC.We also know that schools like UMBC are churning out more Comp Sci grads than just about any technology school in the country.

Baltimore has a large concentration of Teach for America teachers that have spent at least 2+ years in City Schools and know first-hand what some of the problems are that teachers face.I wanted to start this article with two real-life examples of K12 educators that work in one of the most distressed public school systems in the country and are yearning for new ways to engage their students.

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