The Motley Fool fool.com 03 Aug, 2022 17:00 am

Why Airbnb Stock Is Tumbling Today

Why Airbnb Stock Is Tumbling Today
Despite solid second-quarter financial results, investors ditched the stock today.

The company's earnings per share (EPS) in the quarter easily outpaced Wall Street's consensus estimate, but investors might have focused their attention on the fact that revenue fell below analysts' average estimate.56 beating analysts' consensus estimate of $0.10 billion (an increase of 58% year over year) fell slightly below Wall Street's consensus estimate of $2.Investors may have also focused their attention on the company's free cash flow, which declined sequentially from $1.

Adding to the good news was the fact that the company's net income rose to $379 million, up from a loss of $68 million in the year-ago quarter, making the second quarter the most profitable in Airbnb's history.But despite all of that good news, some investors appeared disappointed that the company's revenue of $2.

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