23 Mar, 2021 05:30 am

Who Owns Your Local Vet Clinic?

Scoop Auckland provides news and views from Auckland, New Zealand

Around one third of New Zealand veterinary clinics are now owned by corporate groups – many with offshore owners.In the past few years, dozens of individual vet clinics throughout New Zealand have been acquired by corporate groups; which may have Australian, US or European owners.Corporate ownership is more prevalent in New Zealand’s major cities.The group is being coordinated by Dr Steve Merchant, a past president of the New Zealand Veterinary Association, and co-founder of the Pet Doctors Group.

“Many pet-owners might also prefer that the money they’re spending at the vet is going back into the local community and the New Zealand economy.In Christchurch, for instance, almost half of the companion animal vet clinics are now owned by offshore corporates.

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