The Business & Financial Times 22 Jul, 2021 20:30 am

who cares about healthcare?

who cares about healthcare?
For decades the debate has raged between those who defend the system and want more equitable and accessible healthcare.

But the question continuously arises, are we focusing on the wrong issues when discussing health care.Cause, indeed if we take the right cues from the business world and apply it to health care, we could end up with a more affordable and efficient system (Christensen et al.Unfortunately, the virus mutates, but financing policies do not change when the judiciary power stays indifferent to a proposal for health care reforms—consequently, poverty, morbidity, and mortality rise.Judicial decision-making develops personal liberty, health care rights, and socioeconomic equality.

Each state addresses a budget that includes health care projects year after year.However, its health care delivery depends on the importation, and health financing depends on international players in public finance.

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