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Where is the outrage over Biden rejecting Cuban refugees – HotAir

Where is the outrage over Biden rejecting Cuban refugees – HotAir
Silence from the MSM

The Biden administration has declared that any refugees seeking to enter the United States without proper authorization will be turned away and sent to wait in another country.As far as I can tell, there was no performative outrage from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or any of her progressive cohorts over the United States shutting its doors to the downtrodden.Even as Biden gave his perfunctory statement about the United States standing with the “Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom,” a senior State Department official was framing protests — in which some unfurled American flags and many chanted “We want liberty” — as unhappiness over “rising COVID cases/deaths,” using puerile activist rhetoric about “mobilizing donations to help neighbors in need.They accuse the United States of trying to destabilize Cuba’s government, insinuating that it’s our fault that the people of Cuba are suffering.

co/XzTA7L6QSm — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) July 14, 2021 I’m positive that someone previously assured us that policies such as this are racist in — Sabrina Rodríguez (@sabrod123) July 15, 2021 BLM is parroting the words of the current Cuban dictator line for line.

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