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What will happen if you don't consent to your child being vaccinated against Covid?

What will happen if you don't consent to your child being vaccinated against Covid?
Children aged 12 to 15 years old in Wales could start getting vaccinated against Covid-19 as soon as next week

Video Loading With the coronavirus vaccine now approved for all high school children in Wales it's raised the issue of parental consent.We also don't want to disrupt children's school any more than it has done already.We've always, as a government, emphasised the importance of getting our children back into school and keeping them in school where possible." The ongoing pandemic has been very challenging for almost everyone and unsurprisingly it's led to some people seeing an impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

The Samaritans has put together a series of tips for taking care of your mental health at the moment, with their experts suggesting the following strategies: Making time for something you enjoy – whether it's settling down with your favourite film, heading to your local park, or taking part in one of your hobbies or interests Taking a break from the news and social media to give yourself away from screens and devices Setting realistic goals for the day or week ahead and possibly breaking the things you need to do into a list of smaller tasks Trying relaxation exercises like controlled breathing or muscle relaxation Enjoying nature, whether that's by getting out of the house or opening curtains and blinds to let natural light in.(Community Advice & Listening Line) offers emotional support and information/literature on mental health and related matters to the people of Wales and can be contacted on 0800 132 737 or through the website.

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