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What To Watch After The Bear

What To Watch After The Bear
Finishing your new favorite show can be rough. So why not fill the void with another wonderful show.

The show follows three Mexican–American cousins all working in their family's taco shop in Los Angeles.Following the same themes of family and food as The Bear, this show deals with the characters trying to move their taco shop into a new age all while dealing with the challenges of gentrification.The show follows a fine dining chef, Carmy, who after a tragic death in the family heads home to Chicago to help run the family business – a sandwich shop.Watch Now 5 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Any fervent food fan is familiar with Anthony Bourdain and the impact he had on the culinary world before his tragic death in 2018.

Watch Now 4 Shameless if The Bear was your first ever introduction to Jeremy Allen White and you simply cannot get enough, let me introduce you to Shameless.In this Emmy Award-winning show you can follow along with Bourdain as he takes you through a journey of culture and food across parts of the world rarely covered by American media.

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