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What to Know About Nike’s In-App Event

What to Know About Nike’s In-App Event
Celebrate the 5th anniversary of the annual affair

Nike Now that Yeezy Day is over and done with (we copped a pair of the , thank you for asking), all eyes are on Nike as it preps for SNKRS Day.To ensure you’re equipped with all the info you need before the big day, we’ve created this guide to answer all of the big questions, such as ‘When is SNKRS Day 2022?’ and 'What trainers will drop on SNKRS Day 2022?SNKRS Day is an annual celebration of SNKRS: Nike’s application that focuses on special drops and content made for (and starring) the sneaker community.

Nike typically celebrates SNKRS Day on 8th August, and this year is no different.The official agenda (discoverable within the app) states that SNKRS Day will begin at noon and end at 8pm, but we will be keeping an eye out for drops as soon as we wake up and just before we go to bed – and we suggest other hardcore sneakerheads do the same.

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