03 May, 2021 09:30 am

What Malaysians in Bangkok crave when they miss home

What Malaysians in Bangkok crave when they miss home
BANGKOK, April 22 — My mind has been wandering the soi — the narrow streets and alleys — of Bangkok recently, especially with the Songkran celebration last week. (Sawasdee Pee Mai! Or “Happy Thai New Year!” to my Thai friends and readers, by the way.) I miss the colour and the cacophony,...

I never understood how friends and former colleagues would hunt down nasi lemak and roti canai during past vacations and work trips.Visitors — Malaysians and foreigners residing in Bangkok alike — could enjoy delicacies from the island such as chee cheong fun, roti canai, pasembur, rojak buah and sotong kangkung.So you’d forgive us for queueing up for char kway teow and roti canai.Imagine asam laksa and char kway teow, prawn mee or Penang white curry mee.

The queue for the freshly fried Penang char kway teow was perhaps the longest but worth the wait.Nasi kandar or nasi lemak?

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