29 Apr, 2021 10:45 am

What is the world's sexiest accent?

What is the world's sexiest accent?
Many nationalities recognise that there is a tone of voice that is instantly alluring, but do some speakers have an unfair advantage?

This suggests that something that could play an important role in our reproductive success is largely set from childhood and linked to our mothers' pre-natal hormone levels, says Pisanski.Also, generally, women prioritise good conversation over attraction and vice versa, says Pisanski.The lower a man's voice is the higher levels of testosterone they have, so vocal height provides signals about a man's biological quality (Credit: Michal Bialozej/BBC) This same speed dating experiment, conducted on a small sample of French adults, found that the men also preferred those women with deeper voices – something that Pisanski says might be indicative of changing tastes as men look for serious, ambitious, career-driven women.Women are starting to speak lower," says Pisanski.

Humans have a remarkable vocal range, but also a good ability to detect fakers and are not easily deceived, says Pisanski, referring to data from an as-yet-unpublished study.A desire to give the impression of competence might be one reason behind the rise of "vocal fry" among young American women, says Pisanski.

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