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What do unicorns mean for the economy

What do unicorns mean for the economy
What do unicorns mean for the economy?

That was solely geared towards foreign demand, lifted the global share of India’s services’ exports and stabilized external balances with receipts that partly offset a secular expansion of the goods’ trade deficit.Their external competitiveness is unknown, but it is true that their deep-pocketed investors are willing to back losses in the process of gaining market share in India’s large market where they have a long way to go before plateauing.The competitive interplay between incumbent and new firms will no doubt raise within-sector productivity due to greater efficient use of resources — lesser labour and capital input to produce the same unit of output.The macroeconomic effects are observed in respective contributions of capital and labour to raise the value of a product (goods or service), which increases the incomes of the owners of these factors of production — profits and wages — that sum up to gross value added, including product taxes, subtracting subsidies yields GDP, growth which measures improvement in living standards.

The breathless pace of mergers-acquisitions to gain market share indicates this may be more physical-to-online substitution for now.21, 01:27 AM The rise of Indian unicorns — start-ups that reach $1 billion in valuation — has raised hopes of innovation and entrepreneurship-driven growth at a time when Covid-19 has caused much damage.

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