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Westbury mother to run 5k on Thanksgiving while battling lupus

Westbury mother to run 5k on Thanksgiving while battling lupus
When a Westbury mother of three crosses the finish line of a 5K race on Thanksgiving, she will have reached a milestone not only in her running but also in her battle with lupus, a disease two to thre

" Reid, a physician assistant, is halfway through a two-year clinical trial for adults who are primarily women of color with active systemic lupus erythematous, or SLE."Whether you’re diagnosed or not, speak to your doctor because there’s a lot of innovation, including the clinical trial, that may help you," she said.Hoping to change the trend, Cynthia Aranow, a physician and the co-director of the Lupus Center of Excellence at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research in Manhasset, approached Reid, who is her patient, and told her about the clinical trial at the center."After my lupus flare, it was hard to run, which is really one of my hobbies and my passion, my stress relief," Reid said.

Sasheen Reid’s husband, Jory Reid, said he knew very little about lupus and is glad she is sharing her story."The benefit is someone somewhere who has this disease and is considering just giving up hope, I’m hoping that they’ll see this and realize that you know what life goes on," Jory Reid, 37, said.

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