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We will win economic war — President Mnangagwa

We will win economic war — President Mnangagwa
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President Mnangagwa said while liberation war icons like Cde Mabenge went to the bush to fight the minority Ian Smith regime that had the backing of Western countries, this time the war has assumed a new form.” President Mnangagwa said the quest for independence called for strategic innovative and creative thinkers who were able to find practical solutions in the waging of the protracted armed struggle, something that was shown by a few who included Cde Mabenge.’” Turning to Cde Mabenge, President Mnangagwa described him as a forthright and articulate man passionate about the well-being and economic development of his country.“I call upon Zimbabweans to take a leaf from the life of Cde Mabenge of sacrifice and giving honest hard work as a service to your country.

The President said the death of Cde Mabenge was a huge blow to the nation coming barely a fortnight after losing yet another national hero, Engineer Oliver Chidawu, who was buried at the National Heroes Acre.He said Cde Mabenge was 11 years old when the settler regime used the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965 to consolidate their colonial grip on the country.

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