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We want a do-over on Brexit's Northern Ireland protocol – HotAir

We want a do-over on Brexit's Northern Ireland protocol – HotAir
Predictable and predicted.

Boris Johnson ended up selling out his Tory/DUP base in Northern Ireland in the end to get an agreement of the final dissolution between the European Union and United Kingdom.Ireland and the EU refused to set up a hard border for trade on the Irish island that would have violated the Good Friday Agreement, and Johnson was forced to accept a trade border in the Irish Sea instead that left Northern Ireland within the EU’s trade region.With Johnson under increasing political pressure to stand up to the EU, his government warned that the EU has to immediately agree to an overhaul of the Brexit divorce terms, complaining that the trade situation is damaging the “fabric” of the UK: The government has promised to push the EU to change the way trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland works, arguing the current situation is damaging the UK’s “fabric”.The Northern Ireland Protocol helps prevent the need for checks on the island of Ireland’s internal border.

” Color me stunned that Johnson’s agreement to sunder Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK on trade might have done a little damage to the kingdom’s “fabric.That’s precisely what the EU told the UK in response to a demand for immediate renegotiation: The European Commission will seek “creative solutions” to difficulties in trade between Britain and Northern Ireland caused by Brexit, but will not renegotiate the Brexit deal on Northern Ireland, Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic said.

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