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'We have no evidence to believe he has left Henderson'

'We have no evidence to believe he has left Henderson'
As of Friday afternoon, 50-year-old Bradley Gillespie remained at large. Police consider him "dangerous" and "possibly armed."

After a vehicle chase − and a foot chase − local law enforcement captured Lee, 47, but Gillespie escaped.p Henderson Chief of Police Sean McKinney confirmed Friday afternoon that law enforcement had obtained video of Gillespie and Lee walking through the parking lot of Evansville's Westside Home Depot about six hours before they would end up in a pursuit with HPD." "Law enforcement, including the United States Marshall Fugitive Task Force, will be going door to door to speak with residents," the department stated.Law enforcement then positioned vehicles further south along U.

Wednesday, a large law enforcement presence could be seen along Sunset Lane near Henderson's Old Race Track.Henderson, Kentucky, law enforcement vehicles traversing Sunset Lane Wednesday, May 24, 2023, as they search for escaped Ohio inmate Bradley Gillespie.

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