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Ways to celebrate Lunar New Year in Northeast Ohio

Ways to celebrate Lunar New Year in Northeast Ohio
Local groups are hosting Lunar New Year celebrations across the region.

Wong said it’s important to celebrate the holiday, despite Cleveland having a smaller AAPI population than other large American cities.“There’s a lot of histories and traditions that we like to pass on from the older generations to the younger generation and it’s important to keep that culture, keep that connection,” Wong said.Wong also said this weekend’s events are a good opportunity for people to learn about AAPI cultures and traditions.Wong said there is an influx of events compared to the last couple of years because the COVID-19 pandemic minimized large gatherings.

The Lunar New Year begins Sunday and local groups have created celebrations this weekend for folks to partake in what is perhaps the biggest holiday around the world.For many cultures, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit and to welcome it in, the Greater Cleveland Chapter of OCA, an Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) advocacy organization formerly known as the Organization of Chinese Americans, has compiled a calendar of Lunar New Year events in the region.

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