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Way out of the vaccine crisis

Way out of the vaccine crisis
It will be wise to expedite the production of indigenously developed jabs and use the compulsory licensing route if existing manufacturers fail to supply

Its patent right was held by Gilead Sciences, based in the US.Moderna, an American company, waived off the patent right for its vaccine and said that the company was willing to give license to other interested parties for vaccine production upon request.A company’s patent right can be waived off by government order.In view of this problem, the chief minister of Delhi as well as a former prime minister had suggested that the Centre should give licences to other pharmaceutical companies to ramp up vaccine production.

This makes compulsory licensing the wrong strategy to increase vaccine production.Advertisement As per the Doha Declaration of 2001, in the context of the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, under the World Trade Organization, WTO member countries can waive off intellectual property rights and grant compulsory licence in matters related to public health emergencies.

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