22 Jul, 2021 20:30 am

Water boost for city’s residents

At this stage, the partnership is for 12 months and this will be reviewed,” Mzimba said.“Like many companies and institutions, CCBSA was truly tested in 2020,” Mzimba said.” As a business, CCBSA had to work hard to bring back a semblance of normalcy and certainty, Mzimba said.“By making quick decisions and communicating honestly, effectively and consistently,” Mzimba said.

The 34 500-litre tanker is here through a partnership between Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) and Gift of the Givers.Eastern Cape Project Coordinator for Gift of the Givers Corene Conrad said the organisation was grateful for their partnership with Coca Cola that made it possible for them to secure the basic human right of water provision.

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