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WATCH: Poet mourns Cont Mhlanga through poem

WATCH: Poet mourns Cont Mhlanga through poem
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He used to say come out of your comfort zone and do what you do and make sure that you benefit from it.“He used to say art is a business not a hobby.He taught me to invest in what I do so that people will see the value in it and pay for that value so that it feeds me.Ngcotsha said the death of Mhlanga left a void in his heart hence he poured out his grieve through the poem.

That’s the mentality that he impacted on me,” said Ngcotsha.“I was told that Khulu Mhlanga wanted a poet that is going to do poems in isiNdebele, so when I went to see him instead of interviewing me, he told me what he wanted from me.

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