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WATCH: 1979 Cross Jotsholo massacre revisited

WATCH: 1979 Cross Jotsholo massacre revisited
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Cde Moyo said the victims of the attack are convinced that the driver of the bus was working with enemy forces.The next moment bullets were raining, this is why we strongly believe that the driver knew everything,” said Cde Moyo during an interview at his homestead at Makokomba Village in Umguza district.Cde Moyo was wearing his Zipra camouflage jacket, the same one he wore when they came under attack.Narrating events leading to the unfortunate ambush, Cde Moyo said their area of operation was Lupane, Nkayi, Kwekwe and Gweru under Zone four.

We were now 22 after four of our colleagues fell ill and had to be left behind at the nearby health facility,” said Cde Moyo.Just some distance before the main road I saw a Puma army truck that had parked across the road,” said Cde Moyo.

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