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Washington farm fined $2M after 2 workers die of COVID

Washington farm fined $2M after 2 workers die of COVID
Gebbers Farm Operations in Brewster "made it very apparent to investigators they had no intention of following the rules as written regarding temporary agricultural worker housing and transportation."

A farm in central Washington was fined over $2 million for a number of safety violations, after two workers died of COVID-19 in July.Authorities were able to confirm that a 37-year-old temporary worker from Mexico died of COVID-19 on July 8.One other farmworker, a 63-year-old man from Jamaica, died a few weeks later, on July 31, also of COVID-19.State officials found repeated instances of violations of safety procedures against the deadly coronavirus, issuing “one of the largest workplace safety and health fines in state history, $2,038,200.

(Google) L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health opened an investigation on July 16 after receiving anonymous calls from workers at the farm located in Brewster, about 120 miles northeast of Seattle.Gebbers firmly disagreed with the L&I findings “There is nothing more important to Gebbers Farms than our workers’ health and safety, as evidenced by the fact that 99.

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