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Waitress gets $1K tip, gives colleagues $100 bills

Waitress gets $1K tip, gives colleagues $100 bills
Maine waitress who got a $1,000 tip from a customer who was also a server turned around and paid it sideways, sticking $100 bills into her co-workers' Christmas cards.

The mother of the family of four mentioned that she, too, was a server, reported the Lewiston Sun Journal, and knew how hard 2020 was on the restaurant industry.’ " Tucker told the Sun Journal.The money, after all, had been raised among waitstaff across the country, the Sun Journal said.“I just felt so much joy, being able to share that with them,” she told the Sun Journal.

(Google) Next thing Tucker knows, the woman had handed her a $1,000 tip.A $1,000 tip showed up at a New Jersey restaurant in July.

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