The Hutchinson News 18 Oct, 2020 18:45 am

Voting is a sacred right

Voting is a sacred right
Voting has been dubbed a sacred right for all Americans, a privilege we should exercise at every opportunity. Pundits predict a record number of Americans may vote in this year’s election.Throughout our 159-year history, Kansas has been known for its honest and fair elections and one can assume that should not change this time around. Decisions affecting everything from healthcare to agriculture are debated during the fall campaigns and, on election day we all have an opportunity to pick

Reno County Clerk Donna Patton and her staff are to be commended for their efforts to provide multiple options for voting.Registered voters interested in voting by mail are required to contact the County Clerk’s office to request a ballot prior to October 27.November 3 or delivered to the County Clerk’s office by that same time.on November 3 throughout Reno County for those wishing to vote in person on election day.

Three months following the election, the Kansas House of Representatives directed that the fairest way to select a winner was for Janet Jones, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to pull a back-gammon chip from a plastic box, resulting in Jones’ election.Advance in person voting kicked off on October 14 at the Courthouse Annex.

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