Technical.ly technical.ly 25 Jan, 2023 12:00 am

Voodoo Manufacturing plans to build new 3D-printing factory in NYC after raising $$$

While other 3D-printing companies struggle, Voodoo is ascendant. And oh yeah, they just joined Y Combinator.

“We realized there was a pretty big market not just in hardware and manufacturing but also in the promotional material space and we’ve just continued to grow and decided it was time to really build up a team,” Voodoo cofounder Max Friefeld said by phone Tuesday night.Friefeld also said the company will be looking to build out a larger factory than the one it has in East Williamsburg, which holds about 150 printers.Friefeld said he wants enough space to be able to scale up the number of printers to as many as 10,000 (whoa).When asked if he could find a cost effective space in New York, or whether the company would have to move its factory out of the city, Friefeld said it would stay in New York, and preferably stay in Brooklyn.

” Friefeld also said Voodoo joined Y Combinator’s winter class of startups.It’s pretty important for us to stay in New York.

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