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Volunteers deliver 24,000 Christmas meals to seniors

Volunteers deliver 24,000 Christmas meals to seniors
“You realize this pandemic has isolated people and if we can stand in the hallway and listen to someone talk about their family we should,” O’Dell told the Daily News after making a delivery on West 21st St. “The isolation is worse than I’ve ever seen.”

But this year the trek up and down the West Side of Manhattan for Citymeals on Wheels was even more poignant.(Citymeals on Wheels) The O’Dells crisscrossed the West Side Friday from 9 a.(Citymeals on Wheels) Citymeals on Wheels sent out hundreds of volunteers this Christmas.While New Yorkers were gathered around the Christmas tree Friday morning, Melissa O’Dell and her husband completed a labor of love they’ve done for the last 12 years — delivering meals to homebound seniors.

” Melissa O'Dell, right, delivers meals to seniors on Christmas.Melissa O’Dell spent 45 minutes talking to one 77-year-old man, Anthony Longo, who regaled her with stories about his grandparents’ journey to America — and just wanted to keep talking.

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