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Victim of NYC madman killed by police ‘lucky to be alive’

Victim of NYC madman killed by police ‘lucky to be alive’
Cops walked with Cruz, 20, to a spot a block away from her Brooklyn home where her mom, Darlene Duda, 50, and pit bull Honey were drenched in blood after a machete slashing by a frenzied teenager whose Tuesday night attack ended with a cop’s bullet to the chest.

[More New York] SEE IT: ‘Glass was hitting us in the face’ says BMW driver after NYC teen bicyclists attack car in Manhattan p “(Honey) didn’t leave my mom’s side, not once.[More New York] Woman who wrongly accused jazz musician’s Black son in NYC iPhone theft speaks out in TV interview p Lazaro had been wandering the street in the normally quiet neighborhood, brandishing his machete and sparking a flurry of 911 calls before he attacked Duda, police and witnesses said.(Brittany Kriegstein / New York Daily News) Video of the aftermath shared with The News shows Duda moaning in pain and bleeding from a head wound as she cradles Honey.” [More New York] SEE IT: Woman’s beloved dachshund snatched by heartless thief outside Upper West Side market p The three-minute video clip also shows police performing CPR on Lazaro as he was laid in the street.

” [More New York] Long Island man shoots housemate with crossbow p “The police didn’t have to shoot him like that,” she said.” [More New York] Vandal scrawls hate-filled messages on 4 Brooklyn synagogues in hour-long spree, breaks into one p “I felt so terrible.

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