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Vance backing Moreno won’t scare others

Vance backing Moreno won’t scare others
As a U.S. senator for less than five months, Republican J.D. Vance is hardly in a position to be a kingmaker. But he's giving it a try, endorsing Westlake busi

But he’s giving it a try, endorsing Westlake businessman Bernie Moreno in next year’s Republican primary for Ohio’s other Senate seat held by Democrat Sherrod Brown.Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls, the only other announced Republican candidate for the Senate seat, incurred Trump’s wrath during last year’s Senate campaign for being critical of the former president’s false claims that he won the 2020 presidential election and for calling the Jan.Moreno has said self-funded candidates for Senate is “fundamentally bad for democracy” and he wouldn’t “buy a Senate seat.’ Two other current Republican officeholders are looking at the Senate seat.

LaRose recently told a group of Republicans that Trump’s endorsement matters, but it’s not vital to winning a Senate seat.Vance probably would not have emerged from last year’s crowded Republican primary without Trump’s endorsement.

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