31 Dec, 2020 07:45 am

Vaccine over virus (or Happy New Year) By Reuters

Vaccine over virus (or Happy New Year) By Reuters
Take Five: Vaccine over virus (or Happy New Year)

Still, it will be a test for the interest rate derivatives market - the Bank of England has warned of disruptions to swaps trading worth $200 billion.Graphic: Over-the-counter interest rate derivatives trading - https://fingfx.As hospitals from London to Los Angeles overflow amid the emergence of a fast-spreading COVID-19 variant, tighter lockdowns, travel bans and remote schooling look inevitable, meaning the setbacks seen to economic growth at the end of the year could extend into January.png Vaccine optimism has propelled crude prices 6%-8% higher in December, in a positive end to a year that actually saw U.

Instead, it upped production by 500,000 bpd and agreed that further monthly adjustments would not exceed that amount.Russia has indicated that it will support another 500,000 bpd production increase from February, despite concerns from some other members in the alliance the move was premature.

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