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US visa policy reflects Bangladeshis’ demand for restoration of voting rights

US visa policy reflects Bangladeshis’ demand for restoration of voting rights
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The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday said that the new visa policy of the United States targeting Bangladesh’s next national elections reflected the people’s long-standing demand for restoration of voting rights.The BNP leader, in a statement in the early hours of Friday, also said that the main theme of the US visa policy was to ensure all the process for arranging the upcoming general elections in Bangladesh in a free, fair, participatory and acceptable manner.The BNP leader said that they clearly observed that not only the law enforcement agencies, including the police, were brought under the new US visa policy but also the judiciary, administration, security-related government employees, former and current government officials and political leaders who, directly or indirectly, can disrupt the electoral system.‘Their family members are also brought under the preview of the of the visa policy.

Earlier on Wednesday, the United States announced a new visa policy specific to Bangladesh, with a view to promoting free and fair elections.More about: Bangladesh BNP new visa policy United States US visa policy

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