20 Sep, 2020 02:00 am

US deploys additional troops, equipment to Syria

US deploys additional troops, equipment to Syria
WASHINGTON: The US military has stepped up its deployment of troops and equipment in north-eastern Syria after a rise in tensions with Russia in the region on Saturday.US central command “has...

“The Dutch government.On Friday, the Dutch government announced that it was pursuing all legal avenues to ensure that the Syrian government was held to account for its human rights record.But the Dutch government said that, if arbitration failed, it would pursue action through an international court, the most likely being the ICJ, also in The Hague.Syria signed the UN Convention against Torture in 2004 and the Dutch government said its legal action would focus on alleged breaches of that treaty.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government lambasted the Netherlands on Saturday for launching a new bid through international bodies to hold it responsible for alleged gross human rights violations.An attempt to refer top Syrian government officials to the International Criminal Court in The Hague for prosecution was blocked by Chinese and Russian vetoes in May 2014.

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